Welcoming Clay Powell to the Badger CPA Family


Introducing  Clay powell Welcome To The Team We started the new year off with a bang with Clay Powell joining the Badger CPA team as one of our highly skilled Tax Managers.  Clay has valuable experience working in both Big Four public accounting and private industry positions. Clay also has extensive experience in: Assisting privately […]

3 Business Books Recommended by Badger CPA

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3 Business Books recommended by BADGER cpa Business books are an incredible resource for anyone, no matter their position. From CEO to intern, there is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered from improving marketing strategy to increasing profits, and everything in between. The sheer number of books on the market can be overwhelming – […]

Badger CPA Case Study: Tatanka

Badger CPA Case Study: Tatanka Carlos Mata, CFO of Tatanka Midstream LLC, an independent energy company, learned of Badger CPA through a former coworker of his. As a small, growth-oriented company with no assets or revenues yet, Tatanka needed, in the words of Mr. Mata, “A trusted partner that could help us close the books […]

Why Your Business Needs a CPA Firm

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why your business needs a cpa firm First of All, What Is A CPA Firm? All CPA firms must have a certified public accountant who is licensed to practice in your individual state. Each state has its own laws regarding financial business reporting and auditing. A CPA firm offers accounting services, as well as reporting, […]

What Does a Controller Do, And Should You Hire One?

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What Does a Controller Do, And Should You Hire One? A Financial Controller is one of the most critical positions in your business, they ensure the integrity of all accounting functions. Watch our video to learn exactly what they do and why you should hire one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sC5sXB7T9g Contact Us CALL US (210) 951-5577 EMAIL US […]

Badger CPA Case Study: Daily Bread Ministries

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Badger CPA Case Study: Daily Bread Ministries Craig Fuller, executive director of Daily Bread Ministries, an organization aiming to tackle poverty and hunger in San Antonio, first learned of Badger CPA through a referral from an acquaintance. After developing a good connection with Shannon and Jonathan during an initial meeting, Craig selected Badger to assist […]

Badger CPA Case Study: Vortex Drilling

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VORTEX DRILLING BADGER CPA CASE STUDY When Kimberly Kelley, office manager of Vortex Drilling Partners, heard about Badger CPA through an acquaintance, she knew exactly what she was looking for: a CPA that could help Vortex with their accounting processes and overview, job costing, purchasing process and usage, profit line evaluation, and reworking of financials. […]

Badger CPA Case Study: Open Security, Inc


OPEN SECURITY, INC BADGER CPA CASE STUDY Michael Pleasant, CEO of Open Security, Inc. was referred to Badger CPA through Sol Schwartz & Associates. His company, a cybersecurity solution provider, needed assistance managing the maturation of corporate financial bookkeeping, accounting, valuation, and management. Michael chose to work with Badger CPA for a variety of reasons:  Pricing model […]

Why a Fractional CFO or Controller Might Make Sense for Your Business

Fractional CFO controller san antonio

why a fractional cfo or controller might make sense for your business Outsourcing and fractional services are increasingly becoming the trend in the small- to mid-sized business arena.  As companies grow, they look to outsource bookkeeping, month close, cash flow forecasting, and budgeting.  Once a business brings in $1-2 million in revenue, it often makes […]