FREE 1031 Exchange webinar

With Webinar Host: Carl Pikus

carl pikus badger cpa webinar host


WHEN? October 28th  12:00 – 1:00 PM CT

Understanding the exchange process will help you understand what your customer is looking for in an exchange property.

  • What is exchangeable?
  • Different types of exchanges
  • Rules of the exchange
  • Benefits of 1031 for agents and brokers


Carl Pikus is an invaluable asset to real estate investors, realtors, lenders, attorneys and tax advisors with his extensive knowledge of 1031 Exchange rules and regulations, coupled with 11+ years serving as a wholesaler for a leading provider of REITs, DSTs and TICs. 

Now as an AVP for the nation’s largest Qualified Intermediary, Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc., (IPX1031), Carl’s real estate financial planning expertise enables him to explore strategic, comprehensive tax deferred 1031 solutions serving to better educate his clients on all of the advantages of 1031 Exchanges; both the immediate, transactional tax benefits, and also the long-term estate planning benefits.