Michael Pleasant, CEO of Open Security, Inc. was referred to Badger CPA through Sol Schwartz & Associates. His company, a cybersecurity solution provider, needed assistance managing the maturation of corporate financial bookkeeping, accounting, valuation, and management.

Michael chose to work with Badger CPA for a variety of reasons: 

  • Pricing model
  • Similar size and growth background to his own company
  • Deliberate limit in clientele
  • Vested interest in growth and success of clients for long-term relationships 

Trust was established quickly during the onboarding process, which Michael stated was “a positive demonstration that Badger CPA desired to know our unique goals, expectations, and circumstances.” After onboarding, Badger CPA implemented immediate solutions for Open Security,  focusing on general accounting housekeeping with an eye to longer-term maturation. Since then, Badger has refined Open Security’s bookkeeping and account practices to better realize expenditures and capitalizations across company financials, reconciled the books from the prior year, and quickly corrected accounting errors in a professional manner while keeping leadership informed. “Errors in prior yearbooks, which previous CPAs either avoided altogether or could not resolve themselves, have been easily rectified by Badger CPA staff.” said Michael.

Overall, Michael and Open Security as a whole feels the Badger CPA staff “inspires confidence in their abilities to handle our concerns, understand our needs, and effectively manage our financial matters.”

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