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Newsletter: February 2023

How Outsourced Accounting Benefits Small Businesses Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their accounting to an experienced and knowledgeable firm. An outsourced accounting firm can


Newsletter: January 2023

NEWSLETTER | JANUARY 2023 2023 is here and while we are all onboard to make New Year’s resolutions, what an equally great time to apply

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Badger CPA Acquires Powers Professional Partners, LLC

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Badger CPA ACQUIRESPowers Professional Partners THIS ACQUISITION CREATES A “one-stop shop” for our clients Assistance with interim/ project consulting Recruiting resources toproactively identify


Is a Cost Segregation Study Worth It?

Is a Cost Segregation Study Worth It? What is a Cost Segregation Study? A cost segregation study identifies and reclassifies property assets to shorten the

common finance scams

Common Scams

Common Scams   Almost everyone has ended up with at least one suspicious-looking email in their inbox sent by someone trying to scam you out