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The construction industry faces unique accounting challenges that can hinder a business’ profitability. 

Construction owners, contractors, and subcontractors need to have the right financial team tracking, auditing, and communicating everything they need to know about their numbers for them, so that they can get back to focusing on the construction project or activity that they are passionate about.

Badger CPA has numerous years of experience in the construction industry helping companies improve their cash flows, reduce workloads, apply financial best practices, and streamline accounting processes. 

Our construction accounting services provide transparent reports and analysis to allow for better insights on each project’s profitability. With Badger CPA, you can gain a competitive advantage and keep in compliance with the best finance and accounting practices.


Construction Industry Specialties

Maintenance of adequate financing, bonding capacity, and cash flow

Development of relevant, timely, and accurate management reporting

Understand changes in tax regulations

and their potential impact on planning strategies

Monitor profitability and risks in a changing market

Plan for management and ownership succession

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