DCAA Compliant Accounting

Any organizations bidding on government contracts must ensure compliance with DCAA (“Defense Contract Audit Agency”) rules and be prepared to pass a DCAA audit.  The DCAA is responsible for acquisition of Department of Defense and other government agency contracts, and is tasked with confirming taxpayer funds are used responsibly.  If you are a government contractor, our firm can help you with this process and help position you for success. 


To complete a DCAA audit, you need to comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) and Cost Accounting Standards (“CAS”) monitoring government contract funds and tracking how money is spent.  To comply with these rules, it is key to have detailed and accurate accounting and segregation of all costs, including timekeeping and labor costs.  Our experienced team will review your cost accounting systems to ensure you comply with DCAA requirements, and will provide support gathering and responding to all DCAA audit inquiries. 


Documentation can be a complex and time consuming use of your business resources, but with our assistance we will verify you are fully prepared and have complete records necessary to pass the DCAA audit.

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