How Unanet Accounting Software Streamlines Government Contracting for Badger CPA


Badger CPA is a leading provider of accounting and financial services to government contractors, and one of the tools we rely on to provide top-notch services to our clients is Unanet Accounting Software. Unanet is a cloud-based accounting and project management software that is designed specifically for government contracting, and it offers a wide range of benefits to outsourced accounting firms like Badger CPA.

One of the primary advantages of Unanet Accounting Software is its ability to streamline accounting processes for government contractors. Unanet integrates with many other systems commonly used by government contractors, such as project management software, timekeeping systems, and invoicing systems. This integration allows for seamless data sharing between systems, reducing the risk of errors and saving time for accounting teams.

Unanet also offers robust project accounting features, which are essential for government contractors who must track expenses and billable hours by project. With Unanet, accounting teams can easily create project budgets, track expenses, and revenue, and generate detailed project reports. These features make it easier for government contractors to stay on top of project finances and ensure profitability.

Another key benefit of Unanet Accounting Software is its compliance with government contracting regulations. Government contracts come with strict compliance requirements, and Unanet is designed to help companies stay compliant. The software includes features that allow companies to track and report on contract-specific requirements, such as labor categories and rates, and indirect cost allocation. This compliance functionality is essential for government contractors who want to avoid costly compliance penalties.

Finally, Unanet Accounting Software offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. With the ability to generate custom reports and dashboards, accounting teams can easily track key financial metrics and identify trends and opportunities. This data-driven approach to accounting can help government contractors make informed business decisions and stay competitive in their industry.

In conclusion, Unanet Accounting Software is an essential tool for outsourced accounting firms like Badger CPA that specialize in government contracting. Its ability to streamline accounting processes, support compliance requirements, and provide powerful reporting and analytics capabilities makes it a valuable asset for any government contractor looking to outsource their accounting. If you are ready to outsource your accounting schedule a free consultation with Badger CPA! Stay up to date with all of the latest accounting news and trends by signing up for our newsletter.

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