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Welcome To The Team

We started the new year off with a bang with Clay Powell joining the Badger CPA team as one of our highly skilled Tax Managers. 


Clay has valuable experience working in both Big Four public accounting and private industry positions. Clay also has extensive experience in:

  • Assisting privately held companies with U.S. federal and state income tax planning
  • Financial accounting for income taxes
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax research projects

Clay’s Credentials

Clay is a Certified Public Accountant and he received his BBA in Accounting and an MS in Finance from Texas A&M University (whoop).


Clay began his early career at Deloitte Tax LLP as part of their federal corporate and flow-through entity group. He successfully led the tax department at Main Street Capital Corporation and managed their corporate level tax operations.


  • Structuring M&A transactions
  • Tax due diligence
  • Efficient tax planning

Clay Out Of The Office

When Clay isn’t busy with financial reporting or tax planning, you can find him with his wife, Christine, and their two beautiful young daughters. Together they like to travel far and wide, explore the great outdoors and cheer on their favorite sports teams.


Clay’s impressive resume is only the beginning, just wait until you hear that we have an entire team packed with the best, brightest, and most brilliant financial and accounting minds. We’re here to make your life easier on the finance and accounting side so that you can focus on growing your business. 

Schedule a call with us today to speak to someone like Clay who is eager and excited to help your business thrive.

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