Newsletter: February 2023

Outsourcing accounting to a qualified firm can provide many benefits to government contractors, especially regarding DCAA compliance. The most important benefit is that the outsourced firm will be up to date on all relevant regulations and requirements, ensuring they are aware of any changes or updates in legislation. It helps ensure that the contractor’s accounting system is always compliant with the DCAA. An outsourced accountant can also provide specialized expertise related to government contracting and pricing strategies, which may not be available within the contractor’s internal staff.


The outsourced team can also help create an organized and efficient system for managing data and financial records. It ensures accurate tracking of all costs associated with a contract, making sure no expenses are missed or unaccounted for when submitting the final billing. Lastly, outsourcing accounting can save contractors time and resources by allowing their internal staff to focus on their core activities while entrusting the financial management to experts in the field. It ultimately provides more efficient use of resources, helping the contractor deliver quality services on time and within budget. 


In conclusion, outsourcing accounting for government contractors is beneficial for achieving compliance with DCAA requirements and for improving overall efficiency. It allows contractors to receive specialized expertise from certified professionals who are up to date on all relevant regulations and have experience in managing government contracts. The resulting system helps ensure accuracy and completeness in contract cost tracking, allowing the contractor to maximize their profits while delivering quality services on time. 


Badger CPA specializes in providing clients with creative accounting solutions that range from outsourced accounting to direct-hire recruitment services. Our holistic approach meets clients where they are and helps them scale their business with a solid financial foundation. Our team of certified financial professionals can help with devising accounting best practices, tax advisory, tax planning; DCAA compliance, and producing consistent and reliable financial reporting. At Badger CPA we live out our core values: people first, humility, ownership, results matter, and hustle.


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