2023 is here and while we are all onboard to make New Year’s resolutions, what an equally great time to apply that to our company goals. 

It’s tax time and it usually can be a challenging time of gathering documents, sending out W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. 

Also, lots of things have happened in the past year – some good – some bad. How do those changes impact your overall tax picture?

It can be a tedious and oftentimes daunting task to compile your taxes, especially if you follow a manual and/or disorganized process. (No judgement) 😉 

What if we told you that tax time, planning and strategy didn’t need to be this hard?

According to a recent study compiled by Intuit, 84% of tax clients engage an accounting firm, like ours, to ensure they have peace of mind that their taxes are compliant, receive support if there is an audit, and receive ongoing tax advice long after the tax return has been filed. 

However, with the IRS constantly changing laws and regulations, not all accounting firms are created equal. Now, more than ever, clients need to partner with an accounting firm that specializes in tax planning and strategy —and that focus on creating cost savings over time. 

At Badger CPA, we offer streamlined solutions that create a world-class client experience.  We are industry experts in construction, nonprofit, and government contracts. We know and understand the complexities of your business and have proven processes to ensure you are covered.

All businesses have their own unique structure and ways for doing business. We strive to partner with clients that share our core values and want to ultimately scale their business. Implementing a solid foundation for tax planning enables small to midsize companies to implement tax strategies at the federal and state level – helping them save money. While we can certainly assist with tax compliance, a better long-term solution is to implement a comprehensive tax strategy.

Some of the tax planning strategies we can assist with are:

Some important dates/deadlines to remember:

2022 4Q Estimated tax payments – January 17th 
2022 1099’s (NEC) – January 31st
2022 W2’s – January 31st
Passthrough Entity (1065 and 1120S) – Deadline to have returns completed by 03/15/23 – all data to Badger CPA by 02/15/2023

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